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eFP visualization of Polysomal mRNAs ("Translatomes") in Discrete Cell Populations of Arabidopsis Seedlings: Control and Hypoxia Stressed
A. Mustroph, C. Jang and J. Bailey-Serres, Center for Plant Cell Biology. UC Riverside

This eFP viewer provides a schematic representation of data for Arabidopsis seedlings. The data are based on the abundance of individual mRNAs associated with ribosomes (translatomes) and total cellular mRNAs (transcriptomes). The translatomes were obtained by immunoprecipitation of ribosomes by use of a FLAG-epitope tagged ribosomal protein L18, driven by promoters expressed in specific cells or regions of seedlings. Thirteen promoter:FLAG-RPL18 lines were used (Table 1). The region of the seedling where each promoter is expressed is schematically represented by eFP.

Absolute Data
Relative Data

Summary (pdf)

Absolute Data (MAS5)
Relative Data (MAS5)
Absolute Data (RMA)

Funded by the National Science Foundation OS-0750811.
Bailey-Serres Lab Used by permission of Provart Lab
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&Prime Profiling Translated mRNAs from the Organ to Specific Cell Level for Modeling Mechanisms of Gene Regulation and Response to Hypoxia &Prime
PNAS November 3, 2009 vol. 106 no. 44 18843-18848